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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Adding features

This is the first time i see all these features... nuffnang.. AdSence... welcome to blogger world... and maybe i'm too old for these??.. Ermmmm... hopefully not... hopefully i can utilise the blog to disperse knowledge to the world... hahahha... talk big huh?... Hopefully, you guys will support me on this..

For the time being, there will be no picture posted as i am new and quite busy for the time being... be patient... this blog will be interesting later.... just wait..okay?


  1. welcome to our world.. :thumbsup:

  2. Wahh blogger tu. Being a student, you have loads of time to spend eh ?

  3. Not a lot of time to spend... but trying to make use of time to the fullest... hahhah....

    And maybe try to make my self more aware of what is going on all around the world.. because if we want to write something, we need to have knowledge on the subject matters.