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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Black is Great!, Black is Green!

Black is Great! This is a quote from Dr. Gerard Cornellissen of Norges Geotekniske Institutt (NGI) in promoting the usage of BIOCHAR. Some of you will say “Black is Green”. Actually it refers to the production process and to the versatility of usage of char in improving and remedial application especially in soil towards promoting cleaner and sustainable environment.

I had a valuable opportunity offered by my master supervisor, Dr. Robert Thomas Bachmann to join the Biochar Malaysia Workshop on the 25 March 2010. When he first offered me, I was thinking… “What is biochar?” Then I searched in the internet and amused that biochar had been used extensively all around the world… India, Philiphines,Canada, Norway, Australia, Hungary. and how about Malaysia? Yes, Malaysian also had done some research on this... but not that extensive… it is just the beginning..

And a million thanks to the speakers and participants in that workshop for sharing the knowledge with us. Dr. Robert of UniKL, Dr. Gerard of NGI, Dr. Sarah Hale of NGI..(She is so cute..sorry to say this..hahha) and Mr Trevor of BSL not to forget Ms Theeba of Mardi..Ms Sarah Carter and others..

I think none of us know what biochar is…. When i posted a status in my facebook about this biochar workshop, few of my friends also asked me about biochar…

Biochar = comes from the words bio and char

Bio = Biomass
Char = Charcoal

So if we combine those 2 words:

Biochar is charcoal created from biomass through process called pyrolysis.

Now, many will ask, what is pyrolysis? Please make yourself resourceful with this knowledge because this subject is very new and interesting… 

So if you want to know more, please refer to these links:

-Dr. Gerard..sorry for using your quote...Black is Great!
-Dr. Rob.... thanks for giving me opportunity to join the workshop... really appreciated!
-Others.. sorry to mentioned your names.. cannot help it..because i am so thankful and glad to know all of you and thanks for sharing your knowledges and ideas! Really appreciated and Luv all of you!


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