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Friday, April 23, 2010

My Dream Destination.. United Kingdom..again!

Ermm... My Dream Destination? I have a lot actually.. within Malaysia and Outside of Malaysia...

But the most exciting place to go..of course Europe... Last time i managed to go to the UK.. but only for two weeks and only went to few places.. I visited most of the interesting places in Birmingham, Aston, Exeter... then when to the Manchester (Old Trafford).. Cadbury World (My favourite!), Stonehenge and of course to London.. since the time was so short.. and there still plenty of places to be visited... car-boot sales.. have you heard about car-boot sales? This is the place where you can buy nice cheap stuff.. last time i bought a coffee maker brand new for just 50p.. and if you are lucky, you can buy a lot of souvenir at lower price.

What i like most ..was the juicy strawberries.... really loike it!

The most frustrating part was, I couldn't get to play snow..since i went there during winter but it was not snowing..huh.. When i get into the flight, the snow came down...

So my dream is to go back to UK... to visit most of the interesting places..of course go to London especially to London Eye... river cruise and London city tour...Harrods!

If one day my dream comes true, i will use MAS Traveller to plan my vacation as it is a convenience way of planning instead of planning myself... it is very easy to find a place to stay and eat even suggesting what to do... they also have trip planner.

In MAS Traveller also you can find MAS Highlight where you can check latest promotions and deals from Malaysia Airlines.

So .. what is your dream destination? Care to share with me?

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