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Monday, April 19, 2010

My Version of Grooming Tips by FifaMusz


Ohh.. Grooming tips.. its hard to think of since I am not a grooming person… just once awhile … when i have to go to any functions.. i am sure most of them will write about this type of grooming...

But not to worry because I still have nice grooming tips for all… Engineer's grooming tips.. as I am a civil engineer…


  1. This is for all engineers to have… Safety Hat.. it will protect your head…
  2. Safety Shoes… doesn’t matter how cheap it is but you need to have one because work on site is very dangerous.. and it has different model with different purpose.. like mine, its oil resistance since now I am a student and need to be in the laboratory all the time..

Must Have:

  1. Safety vest.. this is necessary if you work in low lighting… dark area… example highway construction during nighttime..
  2. Safety googles… your eyes is very precious…please make sure full protection of your lovely eyes...
  3. Mask.. to protect your mouth and nose from debris... this will make you look like Darth Vader..
  4. Safety Harness… to work in high rise building


  1. Sunblock.. both men and ladies can apply sunblock since you will work under hot sun..
  2. Compact powder..only for ladies engineers…okay?
  3. Deodorant.. This is the most important.... you can use this deodorant since you will sweat a lot… try to use Adidas Action 3.. Adidas Best Defence Againts Sweat with Triple Action..Dry Mx System.
  • Intensive
  • Control
  • Sensitive
  • Fresh
  • Pure
  • Pro-Clear (For Women) and Pro-Level (for Men)

Is this helpful for you?.. Hopefully we can make sure our safety at site and make sure we smells good.. thanks to Adidas Action 3…

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

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