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Monday, May 24, 2010

My Wiggy Design: Simple

Dear Friends!

Assignment from Project Alpha again.. this week all about WIGGY design... This is how I want my WIGGY to look like..

ermmm it a bit simple.. but actually the smiley face means a lot...firstly... smile means kita suka or gembira dengan apa yang ingin kita lakukan...bila WIGGY sedang digunakan, smiley face akan berwarna kuning... thats mean we will know its in use... so kalau rosak, no light.... Then background colour brown... why? sebab WIGGY nih kita akan bawa kemana-mana sahaja kita pergi... so memang lasak... kalau colour brown, tak nampak sangat kotor.. thats not mean tak payah di bersihkan langsung... boleh...

Dan yang paling penting, of course lah kena ada perkataan P1W1 WIGGY kat atas dia.... but sorry.. my lappy takde sofware untuk drawing... arrrgghhh... memang terasa cam aper jer... lukis pon guna MS Word saja.. Thats why my design very simple ... and limit of time.. for your info.. i am writing this with my daugther sitting on my lap..huhuhu...and she also wants to draw her favaurite star...

anyhow.. here's my post.. seem it so simple but do enjoy it...

Episodes 33-35 of Project Alpha Season 2

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