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Monday, May 17, 2010

Who Will Win the World Cup?

Hi Friends!

Today, my post will be on "Who will Win the World Cup?"... it is a bit difficult since I am not a football fan :( .. i just happen to know all about this since my husband is a football fan... and people around me talk about it...just now, my husband also surprised to see me reading FIFA

First time I watched the FIFA World Cup Campaign, I am stunned to see such a attractive campaign.. The bull, leapord.. and all other animal are playing ... such a brilliant campaign.. even for me, so call not a football fan.. huhuhu...

For me, I think there are three favourite team to win this..that are Italy, Brazil and Spain...

In Year 2006, Italy won the World cup in Germany, Brazil won the Year 2002 in Korea-Japan, Italy won the Year 1998 World cup in France...

So this year I am supporting ITALY again to win the FIFA World Cup since they are having good winning track record plus having the world class players...

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